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Over the years, Foster OHS has conducted numerous occupational hygiene surveys for a broad range of clients. The following list shows an overview of some of our projects and clients:


Survey type

Client sample

Description of work

Occupational noise management






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Qantas, Coca Cola, Shell, Caltex, RTA, Various Coal Mines, Councils, RailCorp NSW, Opera Australia, Amcor, RPA Hospital, Reckitt Benckiser, Dana, One Steel, Boral, Alinta, Bluescope Industries, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Defence Department.

  • Worker noise exposure assessments

  • Recommendation and implementation of noise control and design

  • Noise contour mapping

  • Noise training for workers and management

Environmental noise



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Pioneer concrete, Hotels, Councils, CSR bricks, Amcor, Shell, Unilever - Streets Ice Cream, Reckitt Benckiser

  • Environmental noise survey for compliance with EPA requirements

  • Providing recommendations for mitigation

Vibration exposure assessment

Whole-body and Hand-arm



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Coal and Hard Rock Mines,  including BHP, Anglo, Rio Tinto Mines, Illawarra Coal, Bluescope Steel, Councils, RailCorp NSW, Veolia, Australia Post, Hy Tec Concrete

  • Measurement and assessment of vibration to the new Australian Standard

  • Recommendation and implementation of control methods and design

  • Vibration training for workers and management

Airborne contaminants:
Respirable & inspirable dusts, silica, quartz, welding, etc.



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Boral, Pioneer Concrete, Gold and Coal Mines, OneSteel, Qantas, Unilever - Streets Ice Cream, Fosters Breweries, RTA, Westbus, Hy-Tec Concrete, Caltex,


  • Monitoring worker exposure to arsenic dust, silica, asbestos, metals, diesel fume, coal dust, welding fume, lead

  • Recommendations for control solutions, including PPE

Airborne contaminants:
Mists, Vapours and Gases





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Shell, Caltex, Qantas, RTA, Alsco, Fosters Breweries, Westbus, Boral, Onesteel, RailCorp NSW, Industrial Printing, Reckitt Benckiser, BP Solar, Sydney Water, Veolia Australia (Collex), Illawarra Coal, Donaldson Australia, Colourback

  • Monitoring worker exposure to VOCs, PAHs, isocyanates, H2S, CO, etc.

  • Exposures to bitumen fume, paint solvents, electroplating air contaminants, degreasing solvents, carbon monoxide from forklifts, acid mist, etc.

  • Recommendations for control solutions, including PPE

Hazardous substances






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Roche, Westbus, Crane Metals, Diageo, Dana, BP Solar, Sydney Dental Hospital, National Art Gallery, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Crane Industries

  • Identifying and assessing hazardous substances

  • Hazardous substances registers

  • Hazardous substances risk assessments to OHS regulations and compliance solutions

  • Training for workers and management

Dangerous Goods







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Shell, Dana, Qantas, Westbus, Sydney Dental Hospital, Crane Industries, National Art Gallery, Sydney Water, Roche, Pfizer, Diageo, Carlton United Breweries, Boral

  • Identifying and assessing dangerous goods

  • Dangerous goods registers

  • Dangerous Goods risk assessment to new (2005) regulations and compliance solutions

  • Training for workers and management

Indoor Air Quality / Office Environment





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Fosters Breweries, Various Offices, RailCorp NSW, Sydney Water, Shell, Dana, Amity Nursing Homes, Qantas

  • Assessment of indoor air quality, ventilation and monitoring airborne contaminants

  • Assessment of noise and lighting levels

  • Recommendations for control solutions

Ventilation assessment



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Cadia Gold, Dana, Qantas,  OneSteel, NRMA, Fosters Breweries, Sydney Dental Hospital, NSW Agriculture

  • Measurement of airflows, air current flow tests and balancing

  • General design recommendations

Lighting assessment



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Fosters Breweries, Shell, Toll Logistics, RPA Hospital, RailCorp NSW, Various Offices

  • Assessment of lighting levels

  • Recommendations for improvement of lighting levels and design

Heat stress



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RTA, Hornsby and other Councils, Various Mines, NRMA, Shell, Tyco Environmental Services

  • Survey of heat stress in workers

  • Recommendations for control solutions

  • Training of workers and management




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